Difference Adoption Voluntary Calls To support Pet Shelters – Adopt a Pet

Pet shelters

Recently, social networking sites have published a number of voluntary advertisements to support private shelters, to adopt and raise pets in a number of cities in the Kingdom, as well as e-accounts via Twitter, which are concerned with the rescue and treatment of affected pets.
Encourage people to adopt a pet especially adopt dogs.

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Team adoption
A volunteer in one of the specialized teams, Fatima Al-Hamad, said that the aim of the volunteer team is to rescue stray and injured pets. The team saves animals by placing them in a shelter, treating them and vaccinating them. It also helps in encouraging people to adopt a pet especially a dog ​​adoption.
Adding that the team will be suspended in the coming period due to the lack of medical facilities, the absence of government veterinary clinics, the lack of specialized doctors and the failure of the competent authorities to respond to claims and complaints.

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Animal shelters
An official of one of the stray animal shelters in Texas said that the establishment of the shelter is to set high standards in the breeding and treatment of displaced and infected animals. The animals are rescued from the region and cared for and then offered for adoption, pointing out that the people wishing to adopt are subject to a personal interview. The ability of a person to raise the animal he wants. This is always to encourage people to adopt a pet especially a dog ​​adoption.


He added that the shelter contains isolated places dedicated to caring for infected animals, in addition to the presence of private clinics frequented by a number of doctors specializing in difficult surgical operations, stressing that health care is provided at the expense of the owner of the shelter, and often find it difficult to find specialized doctors In some complex operations, such as double fractures are sent abroad for treatment through the shelter, since the competent government agencies provide logistical support, away from the provision of medical services.

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Government clinics

According to a member of the adoption team for the «homeland», it has been working individually for more than two years in the rescue of affected animals through adoption (adopt a pet ) and treatment at their own expense, noting that the treatment of affected pets is very expensive as there are no government clinics specialized in the treatment of cats and dogs, Most government clinics only treat livestock.

Voluntary Accounts

The voluntary accounts have been very popular through the interaction in the introduction of assistance in adoption and treatment at the expense of private observers, despite the lack of assistance from the relevant government agencies.

Volunteers’ claims

01 Private veterinary clinics

02 Provide shelters with high standards of health

03 Provide veterinarians specialized in diseases and fractures

04 Develop strict laws and fines to protect pets

05 Activate the numerical enumeration system for infected and diseased pets

06 Activation of the electronic chip system to protect the animal

07 Facilitate the issuance of permits for shelters

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