Here you will find the dangers your dog causes to your children.

We are very excited about what to do about our dogs at home, how to treat them positively, and how can we train them? We’ll talk about some things you do not want to do at all. In any context in any situation, whether you bring a child to the house, whether your friends are attending. The kids have a visit whether you go to the park and there will be kids there things you want to avoid at all costs. I get a few people who will call me when they are pregnant, and they know that their dog is having problems.
With kids as much as I truly value the fact that they’re calling me asking for help. The vast majority of those phone calls are made by women who are eight to eight and a half months pregnant.
There’s something wrong with that idea. You need to be more proactive than allowing things to manifest in such a way that you’re now eight and a half months pregnant, and you know that you have an aggressive child dog. We talked about this in earlier sessions you’re probably going to be looking at actually read homing your dog with a family that doesn’t have any kids available. There’s only so much that I can do as a trainer who works with situations like this in two weeks.
There are very few situations that this can be that this can work out. I know there are some dog trainers out there that will work in cases like this.
But typically what they’ll end up doing is what’s called a board, and train and a board and train is essentially where the dog goes to live with the trainer for a month or two months whatever the timeframe would look like. Then they drop off the dog, and they do training with the owner so that the owner understands how to be maintenance things and all the changes. And so there are going to happen. There are positives and negatives to doing something like that. It’s great because you can get the dog out of the house.
You can have the baby. Everything’s great. And then you are going to be bringing home a dog that if your trainer is good at what they do, the dog will be very different and you must be doing the essential maintenance.
The problem with it is that they’re probably not going to be spending much time with actually integrating kids during the board and train.
The vast majority of trainers do not have access to kids or will not give any kids access to dogs that have issues. And so it may not get to the root of the problem unless they’re doing the board and
train plus ongoing support as the baby comes home and as the baby matures and whatever.
So I always suggest whenever possible it should always be possible. You have eight-nine months to be able to make the phone call. It should be done as soon as you find out or even before.
Sometimes I have people that call me, and they are trying to get pregnant, and they call me, and they say listen we have decided that we’re going to try to get pregnant and we know that you know he’s not been the best our kids in the past.
We want to get to the root of this before we even know that we’re pregnant. I applaud people for that. That is super proactive. I love that. Unfortunately, not everybody is that proactive. A lot of people end up waiting. Some people expect the last minute.
This is an absolute no. If your dog is aggressive towards kids and you only have a month or two weeks you need to look at rehoming your dog or spending a lot of money on several months of training and a lot of ongoing support to be able to make sure that your child is going to be safe.
It goes without saying, but you should never leave your dog alone with your baby. This is something that I continuously hear from people. Unfortunately, my friend brought their kid over.
They were playing for 30 minutes and then we went into the kitchen to you know start working on dinner.
We left the dog and the baby alone, and then we heard screaming, and the kid was bleeding. I understand this type of stuff. All the time and it pains me because people should know better.
I’m not here to be down on people. I’m not here to tell people they’re doing things wrong. But there is too much at stake. And what often happens is the dog ends up getting euthanized because people turn their back to things that they should have been focusing on.
They should have made the dog and the child a priority. I believe that people should be with the baby and the dog, whether it’s a toddler infant newborn or whatever the case is they should not ever be alone. When I brought the baby home with my wife, it was one of the first conversations we had. This baby is never left alone with the dog’s period.
And my dogs are amazing around her. They’re extremely respectful, but it’s not worth the chance. When my child has proven at 5 7 10 years of age that they can be alone with the baby that they are going to be respectful. I have years of knowledge and trust built between that relationship. It’s different.
Then just letting our guard down after watching these two play for 10 or 15 minutes and deciding they’re going to be perfect you need years to be able to trust your kids and your dogs together. In my opinion, there’s too much that can go wrong. Never leave a baby alone with a dog.
We already talked about this one before, but I typically suggest leaving squeaky toys out of the picture whenever possible. For a lot of dogs, it just develops a lot of desire you know individual animals will make certain squeaky sounds, especially when they’re dying.
You know if you look up the sound of a dying rabbit sounds very very high pitch very squeaky. And it’s it seems you’re really like a crying baby as well so.
The things I like to try to stay away from whenever possible.
My dogs can deal with the fact that there’s a squeaky toy there and not touch it, not go near it and go near the baby. They have that level of impulse control and training. Most people’s dogs don’t. A lot of people’s dogs would just run over and take it from the baby. Potentially biting the baby’s hand by accident in the process typically suggest steering away from those things because it can elicit so much desire in some dogs it piques your interest so much that sometimes they can make some imprudent choices. Watch resources; food toys, bones water is a resource.
Sometimes beds can be resources people can be resources.
Be very cautious around any types of resources when integrating children and dogs so oftentimes I hear from people that tell me their dog has developed issues with their children and they can see they seem completely stunned to that fact because they have a breed that is your typical family dog whether it be a golden retriever or whether it be a Portuguese water dog or there’d be a
black lab, or you know any Labrador retriever.
These are typically good family dogs, and I believe that some breeds are inherently a little bit better with kids that are a little bit gentler that tend to be better family dogs and other races.
But realistically dogs are dogs, and if individual dogs are put in certain situations, they have teeth for a reason.
A lot of the reason that dogs have teeth is not only for hunting and eating animals, but they also have them for protection to protect themselves protect the things that they believed to be theirs protecting their space and their sanity.
So having said that don’t let your guard down because you have a dog that is you know is good with or is supposed to be a good family dog.
That doesn’t mean that your dog will be celebrated with kids.
Another thing and I’m not trying to say that your dog will not be good with kids your dog may be significant with kids regardless of what breed they are or whether they be a mighty breed like a mask over a pit bull or a boxer or a good you know a right family breed wherever the case is inherently.

All dogs can become aggressive if put in the wrong context or if there are jealousy situations going on fight or flight responses. And so I suggest taking precautions with every single dog in every individual case.
Just because the breed that you have you may let your guard down a little bit too soon and then something can happen just because you feel like they’re supposed to be good family dogs.
I’ve seen almost every breed on the planet come in with aggression issues, whether it be human aggression dog aggression cat aggression or a combination of those things.
I’ve seen aggressive labs I’ve seen energetic golden retrievers I’ve seen aggressive Portuguese Water Dogs cocker spaniels I’ve seen pretty much everything out there including some of you know bigger dogs like pit bulls and staff and masters and whatever all dogs can become aggressive.
Another thing I want to mention here too is the fact that often people will suggest that because their dog has been around a couple of toddlers they have no inkling or they believe that their dog is going to be fabulous around their baby when they bring the baby home.
And unfortunately, I have news for people in that situation.
There is a massive difference between a toddler and a newborn.
There are a lot of people out there that believe dogs in many situations don’t even find that Newburn borns are human beings until they reach a certain age and they can start to make some human noises and start to do some more social things.
And a lot of ways.
Of course, we believe them to be humans. But the thing is don’t let your guard down just because your dog has played with three-four or five kids expecting that your dog is going to be magnificent around your baby you may let your guard down.