What Happens in Your Home With Your Dog?

In this article, I will discuss what is happening to you in your home with your dog. We often think about how to accompany our dog at home without problems. The question is, what does he do with your dog and you at home? Or What Happens in Your Home With Your Dog? I will try to guide you to some solutions that can avoid the problems that most dogs do in our home.

First, if you bring your child home or have children coming to visit or something like this, this is a problem that you can take care of.
My wife and I have a decent size property here and a great dog trainer.
I have a facility on my property just a small facility but my house size. Then we have a front yard and a back yard, and then we have a house in the same property.

They aren’t much of an issue, but they will be a significant issue if you bring your baby home or you have kids coming over to visit or something of that nature.
My wife and I have a decent sized property here and big a dog trainer.
I have a facility on my property just a small facility but the size of my house. And then we’ve got a front yard and a backyard, and then we have the house on the same property.
It’s great that way for lots of different reasons.No real travel commute and whatever. But the reason I’m telling you the property is that I initially taught my dogs that it was OK, for them to bark three four five six times and then that was it. If somebody were to pull into the driveway or if somebody were to come over and knock on the door the reason for this is because my facilities are the other side of the property and if somebody were to go above at nighttime and knock on the door I would want my dogs to be barking. Given that you know my wife would probably be home alone answering the door. I did that, and I wanted that at that time because it was a safety thing.

You know it made her feel a little bit safer. It made me feel a little bit safer if I was in the shop working with someone of my clients.
I just felt like OK well at least people know that there are dogs there rather than if the dogs have to lay down on the bed and not be barking.
And whatever the case is and so it’s unusual for me because when we brought the baby home, I wasn’t anticipating it.
So you can learn maybe from my mistakes, but I wasn’t anticipating it. Now it’s a big deal to get the baby to go to sleep and have a nap.
Now somebody comes in the door. My wife is less than enthusiastic if the dogs bark when somebody pulls into the driveway or whatever.

Now we’re starting to have to kind of retrain the dogs as far as OK if somebody comes over. Now maybe there need to be other ways that you communicate that there’s somebody here perhaps you need
to go to the door without actually barking. And that’s the cue that you give us the alert kind of a signal that you give us that somebody is here.
It’s interesting how things change when you bring a baby home, and you’re working with sleeping schedules and stuff whereas before it was like dogs bark somebody goes out the door and opens the door.
It’s not an issue but now that we have a baby that’s trying to sleep. Just keep that in mind. That may be something that you want to look at may not be an issue now but if you bring a baby home or your friends come over with their kids, and the kids are trying to have a nap, and your dogs are losing their mind at the front door may be an issue moving forward.
So we talked a little bit about this before, but you know your dog may be pulling on the leash that may or may even be reactive on the rope that may not seem like an issue for you at this point.

I understand it you know a lot of people decide OK well you know polls, but you know he just you know I’ve tried a little bit of training and you know I was inconsistent or it didn’t work all that well whatever. I understand the vast majority of people not only that come in for training have to leash aggression issues, or the dogs are pulling on the leash almost every single dog in my neighborhood is either a strap aggressive or as is pretty bad on the leash apart from one or two dogs in my area. And unfortunately, most people don’t make it a priority until they have to make it a priority. So you know it’s a little bit a maybe a little bit different where I live in Canada. You know six months to the year five months of the year perhaps there is usually snow on the ground, and we get quite a bit of ice as well too.
I would never want my cell for my wife to be in a position where my dog pulls me. I slip on a piece of ice, and I hurt myself. It’s just not something that I want to happen for so many different reasons.
I had a client about four months ago in the middle of winter, and she wasn’t taking training very seriously. She wasn’t consistent in her practice, and she was very aware that she wasn’t consistent. She continued to tell me you know it’s not that big of a deal. He likes to pull to see his friends. You know when he sees other dogs on a leash walk you know I know that I should be doing this but. And I said you know I’m going to put you in the driver’s seat.I’m not going to make you do anything. It’s your dog; it’s the situation you live in.
Fast forward a couple of months. She e-mailed me, saying that she wouldn’t be able to continue training because her dog pulled her over. She slipped on a piece of ice, and she broke her wrist. Now she’s going into surgery. She’ll be off of work for several months. Wrist injuries tend to take a lot of time and not only that if that were my wife and my dog were to do something like that, and they pulled the stroller into a ditcher or even into the street, and my baby got hit by a car. This is not negotiable.

Your dog pulling the leash right now may not seem like an issue, but you need to draw a line in the sand, and you need to be able to tell yourself OK either I’m not walking this dog anywhere near my baby or
I am going to properly leash train my dogs so that my dog is respectful and the leash walks and understands that it’s my leash walk and not his leash walk before you start walking the baby and the dogs
at the same time. Again we talked a little bit about guarding food guarding toys, things like that. A lot of people come in, and it boggles my mind that so many people don’t even see this as being an issue until the dog has bitten three four or five times. Many times people will come in and say My dog guards things, but we try to give them enough space where he doesn’t try to bite us. And for a lot of people that seem to be good enough, I’m not OK with that especially if there’s going to be a baby home. Those are my expectations of what a dog should and should not be like, of course. But you know if your dog is already sure the guard you need to call a trainer now because when the baby does come it’s going to be a huge problem. I know I’ve seen a few people come in for training that the dog was able to open doors and I think every single time the people found it to be funny, it will not be strange if your dog has issues and is opening doors and you know you’ve put your baby in a swing. And so that you can go and use the bathroom quickly and your dog opens the door and comes out and is now there with your baby, and you have no idea that that’s happening.
Sometimes there are things that we can allow when it’s just adults living in the house. We talked about a few those things excessive barking at the door. It’s probably not that big of a deal for most people until the baby comes and the baby’s trying to have a nap pulling on the leash. If an animal gets hurt, an adult gets hurt. It may not be the end of the world, but now there’s a baby involved needs to be addressed. They are guarding food garden toys. Babies are not going to be smart enough to be able to listen to.

Little Jimmy doesn’t go near the dog’s food. They won’t be as responsive as most adults will be. It can potentially be a huge issue moving forward. Other things like opening doors there’s I’m sure there’s a whole long list of things that maybe things that you skate around in your relationship right now.
You avoid a lot of these things; it’s not that big of a deal. Keep in mind right now before the baby comes over or before your friends bring their kids over may not be an issue. When those things start to happen, the baby comes home.
The people bring their kids over. Your grandkids are coming over. A lot of those things are going to be very significant issues. You want to start working on them.