How To Teach my dog to respect children and not cause trouble?

Everything you need to know when introducing your dogs to your new baby! In this article, I will give you some solutions that you have tried and achieved good results and positive.

Please consult a professional before starting this or any other training program.
We will talk about some things you would like to do to prepare the child for coming home.
Or maybe there is a situation where you have friends coming in and bringing the kids for the weekend.
You know maybe it’s summer vacation or something.
Let’s talk about some of the things you can do to prepare yourself for those situations that come up. From your home
I always say that you can’t be very active,
The other is easier for you, you will have time to do a little to get the ground floor, and you will get your dog at the time of writing to incorporate a new rhythm into the new model.
So, start as early as possible in these things.

So, one thing I indeed suggest when people take home if your dog is sleeping with your children, I suggest you consider yourself as short as possible.
Not when you’re eight months pregnant.
Not when you’re five months pregnant.
The day you will find out that your dog is a story, you are pregnant, it must look good in what we will do with it.

You know you have a conversation if you share a bed with a couple, this is a conversation you need to be together to be consistent and to be on the same page. It makes no sense that the dog no longer sleeps with you if you allow the dog to wake up in the morning. You don’t know him at the same time.
Or if someone does not like it, but that the person you know is working on oil rigs or something similar and will remain after two months and come back to you to find out a month or whatever position will be consistent, regardless of there, is not there, because this is true for your dog.
So I always suggest you understand how your family will make your kids and stick to them.
In my opinion, this is just my personal opinion.
I don’t think dogs should sleep in bed when there are children.
Most of the time, I have no problem with my clients, who allow dogs to sleep with them in bed until the dogs protect some areas that become touching when someone approaches the
In the middle of the night
Sometimes dogs are destroyed, or their owners are bitten in bed.
Those are not negotiable.
If your dog somehow protects the bed with adults, your dog should not be able to reach it when your child returns home.
This is not negotiable; it is a huge security problem.
I hope no one in the world can even think about doing it.
But unfortunately, these things happen.
So you guys have to sit down and find out which good guys you’ll be and be consistent however This is very important.
The more you start, the better.
So, as you know, try not to leave it for up to eight and a half months, and try to give it for as many months as possible
It will be easier for you, and it will be easier for your dog.
The last thing that should be taken into consideration is that the dog is no longer sleeping in the bed and is cum on the ground, meaning his bed on the ground and they know that they wake up in the middle of the night and sneak under the bed.
It is widespread
If your dog does not respect the fact that you told him that he is no longer allowed in bed.
There are several options from which you can put a protective kennel and take the leash and tied with a solid piece of furniture only to reassure the fact that the dog cannot come physically.
Take your dog out of the house and go back to bed
Since many dogs love to do in the middle of the night several times, Vamnham has a small space on the steering wheel to be able to move a little but not enough where he can be seen on the bed.
This way you can tame your dog to do what it requires
So make sure you talk to your wife and be consistent with that.
If your dog does not respect the fact that you told him that you wish he is gone, not one of these coaches thought that everything is going as if you know the package structure, domain, and you see the dog at the same level for you. It’s a security issue.
So I hope you take these things to heart.

Have a conversation with your spouse, and hopefully, you guys will make the right choice for your family.

I know a lot of my clients as they’re about to bring a baby home will look at OK well maybe there’s supposed to be certain areas for the baby that the dogs are not allowed to go right certain boundaries if you will.

Maybe you’re a grandparent, and your grandkids are going to be coming over.
You know maybe there’s the specific play here in your House that the dogs are not allowed to be on.

I know that even within my House, you know our baby is only five months old at this point.

And she kind of still has her own designated spot.

We don’t want the dogs like stepping on her at this point.

She’s not like a four-year-old where you know if she gets stepped on by a dog paw it’s not going to be that big of a deal.

She’s a five-month-old baby, and it would be terrifying if something like that would ever happen to her.

So my dogs have specific areas in the House that they’re not allowed they’re allowed in probably 95 percent of the House.

We have a decent-sized house on multiple floors, but there are specific areas that they are not allowed.

And typically there’s going to be areas like you know play areas, and you know some people decide nurseries and whatever so you’re going to want to kind of look at those things and set up the rules.

If people are coming into your House your space.

You know people are bringing their dogs over for their story their kids over for the weekend.

Go like a summer holiday situation going on.

You know you can do the same thing when it comes down to it you can either integrate baby gates or you know you can just show your dog you can do some training tips to show them, OK well this is the area for the kids and this is the area where you guys are allowed and not allowed to go you know if there’s a particular play area.

Like I said you can either set up baby gates maybe there’s a situation that you want to set up a kennel and you know put some pieces of masking tape or painters tape around the all within a five foot buffer where the kids are not allowed to go you understand past that piece of tape on the ground so that they’re not like you know yelling in the crate as the dogs trying to have a nap.

Certain little boundaries can go a long way.

You know a spouse or a friend will bring home something like a piece of clothing or a towel or a blanket that the door story that the baby has been like maybe wrapped up in her or you know has the baby scent on it bring that home.

Allow the dogs to smell it so they can have that be you know a scent that they recognize.

I did this when my wife and I had Athena, and I got, to be honest, I don’t know how beneficial it as.

You are again going back to the fact that you can never be too proactive. I did it.

I’ve heard it for many years. I’ve heard it from a lot of my fellow dog trainer friends.

And so it’s something that I did because I figured well what the heck.

I got to come home at some point to you know to help out with certain things and get the House ready and then go back and pick her up, and you know to bring the baby home and stuff.
So at the time, I had a friend of mine here, and he was helping with the dogs as well my wife And you know I had to come home a couple of times and get things in and make sure everything was fine with the dogs.
And of course, you know I was able to bring things home again.

I have no idea how beneficial it was, but it was something that I’ve done something that I’ve heard for many many years.

I don’t see how that can be detrimental So something that you’ve probably already heard of doing.

And definitely, something that can’t hurt to be doing in preparation of bringing your dog home.

If you have kids who are sort of friends that will bring their kids over.

I don’t think it’s a step that you need to be doing realistically unless maybe it’s an infant or a young baby of some manner might be good to get a couple of their T-shirts and clothes around and get that smell integrated into.
But you know again you can never be too proactive.
I am so desensitizing to different types of objects that you’re going to have around things like baby strollers.

You’re also going to have things like a car seat likely desensitizing to those things is really important.

Desensitization is just building positive associations around certain things.


So a lot of people will skip this step, and they never see any issue.

So, for example, let’s say somebody gets a rescue dog they bring the rescue dog home and you know most people will not desensitize towards most things unless they see an issue.

So, for example, let’s say they bring the dog home everything is fine the dog is doing great except until two days later when they pull out the vacuum cleaner, and the dogs start barking and carrying on or grappling or trying to attack the vacuum.

A lot of situations that software people will start to decide OK well now I need to begin to desensitize the way that I look at things is you can be a lot more proactive inserting to desensitize stuff before the baby comes home.

So if you get your stroller before you even have the baby, you can certain desensitizing and building those positive responses.

Same thing with the car seat especially things that move and make noise and things like that.

So basically it’s very very simple to do all that you need to do is find your dog’s favorite treats and you know just make it a daily ritual that you do for a week or two.

It’s just you know you get the stroller out you slowly open it up, and you throw treats around and then let your dog like eat treats off the floor.

You know if it’s a stroller you might even be able to take some treats and put them kind of in the seating area and has your dog you know put their nose in there.

If your dog has a medium to the large-sized dog just getting them used to it, you know as the days progress learning to move the stroller the movement for some dogs can be a little bit intimidating.

So just building positive responses rather than baby comes home.

A couple of months go by stroller comes out baby goes in the stroller OK let’s go for a walk.

Unfortunately, a lot of people do that, and it can be a little bit intimidating for some dogs especially dogs who were if they didn’t have excellent socialization at a young age sometimes can be a little bit timid around new objects.

And so desensitizing towards these types of things is very, very simple very easy.

We have to be kind of proactive enough to be thinking about OK this needs to be on the To-Do list.

This is something you need to start working on.

And again, the more time you invest in it, the better things are going to go.

So my dogs are very controlled as far as they know consistently.

They’re going to get five walks a day.

I have very very high energy dogs that have a huge need for you to know mental and physical stimulation

and you know I knew that when the baby came home there was going to be a difference there was going to be a change.

I knew that you know my dogs expect to go for a walk at 5:30.

I knew that that would not always happen that way.

I knew that there would be times when my wife was breastfeeding, and I had to cook dinner, and you know it wouldn’t be until six o’clock that I was going to be able to take the dogs out for a walk or something of that nature.

So consistency in patterns is critical with dogs but just having you know the realistic expectations that it’s not always going to be perfect you’re not still going to be able to make your dog the priority at the exact moment that they want to be made a priority.

There’s going to be times when you know they’re not going to be allowed in individual rooms of the House just because you guys are focusing on the baby. The baby has to be a priority.

You know it’s not that we don’t love our dogs we love them very much but especially when we’re bringing a baby home they have to be the priority.

You know they have a massive amount of needs, and you know your dog can wait an extra half an hour to go for a walk whereas you know babies need a lot more attention especially in the early months.

You know a lot of my client’s dogs they can’t go anywhere without the dog.

There’s a lot of different reasons why that would happen.

But for the most part, it’s just because the clients never made it a priority to say OK I’m sorry Rover you can’t follow me into the shower I’m sorry Rover you can’t do this.

And so just understanding that there’s going to be times when your dogs need to be alone.

There’s going to be times when you’re going to have to make the baby a priority.

The dog is going to have to either be in another room or be in a kennel for a certain amount of time.

Again you can start working on those things as well too.

Again try to be proactive as you can rather than it just being shell shocked when the baby does come home or if you have company coming over.

And now there’s only so much time the dog is allowed to be out with the kids because you’re making sure that you’re overseeing things.

And you know if they’re not used to the crate now they can build this negative association towards you see every time little Jimmy and little Susie come over.

I have to go to this kennel.

This is horrible.

If you start to make that a priority before Jimmy and Susie come over, it’s going to be a lot easier, and you can be a lot easier on the dog.

Easier on everybody.